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Star Walk Kids - Explore Space

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Star Walk - Astronomy for Kids is perfect for young space explorers to introduce them to astronomy. With colorful images and friendly narrators, kids can begin to recognize constellations, planets of the solar system and grasp the fundamental principles of astrophysics. Children usually like bombarding their parents with questions. What shines so bright in the sky? How far is the moon? Can I touch it? With Star Walk Kids app you can easily answer most of the questions connected with astronomy and even show cartoons that will explain some of the phenomena.
“A must-have for kids curious about all that surrounds our planet.” TUAW
“Extremely well-crafted astronomy tool.” The iPhone Mom
“Provides children with an innovative educational tool for exploring the stars — while offering parents peace of mind.” AppAdvice
“This app uses cartoon-like graphics to make understanding the night sky easier.” The New York Times
Quick hint: While you are browsing the night sky above you, look for explanatory animated movies to secretly teach astronomy and maybe even learn a little something yourself!
★ What is the Moon?★ Why does day change to night?★ How hot is the Sun?★ How long is martian year?★ Why did we send Hubble to space?★ What is a black hole?
All stars and objects in the sky are in their correct position relative to your time and location.
KEY FEATURES★ LEARN all about the solar system: watch short films about planets and the Sun, listen to the most interesting facts and become a space buff!★ NAVIGATE across the sky: just lift up your phone and you will learn what constellations are above you at the moment!★ WATCH funny animations that explain how everything works★ LISTEN to interesting details ★ HAVE FUN TOGETHER★ BE SAFE: no ads or in-app purchases
Privacy disclosure:- Does not contain 3rd party ads.- Does not contain in-app purchases.- Does not contain integration with social networks.- Uses restricted 3rd party analytics compliant with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, does not collect any personal information.- Uses your location locally in the app to match the map to the sky above you.